Weatherize for Good

Save Money and Help Build a Clean Energy Future for Oregon

How it Works

With Weatherize for Good finding your home's energy weak spots is simple and affordable. Here's how it works:

Sign up for a free energy evaluation

When you submit the sign-up form, approved weatherization contractors from Weatherize for Good will contact you to schedule a free energy evaluation. The initial evaluation is provided over the phone. Your approved contractor will ask questions specific to your home and inquire on home comfort goals.

Followed by a comprehensive home energy assessment

Once we determine your energy goals your contractor will help you navigate toward steeply discounted or free home energy assessments through Energy Trust of Oregon or programs such as Clean Energy Works Oregon.

Complete energy efficiency upgrades

A home energy assessment or audit gives you the homeowner a picture of how energy efficient (or inefficient) is your home.  Your contractor will make recommendations on how to make your home more efficient based on your goals.  The only way to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency is by making changes within your home.  Carbon footprint reduction starts with you.

Cash incentives and 100% local financing available

To help you move forward in reducing your energy use at home your contractor has access special incentives not available to many contractors in the area.  In addition, your project can be 100% financed with local banks providing loans with no up-front costs.